Shumann Resonance

A Remarkable Phenomenon Emerges

From June 18 to June 20, 2023, the Schumann Resonance (SR) displayed an extraordinary event that diverged significantly from typical patterns. This revelation piqued the curiosity of researchers and enthusiasts, sparking questions about the underlying factors contributing to this unique occurrence.

Exploring the Schumann Resonance: Earth's Vital Rhythm

Understanding the Schumann Resonance

Often referred to as "Earth's heartbeat," the Schumann Resonance encompasses extremely low-frequency (ELF) quasi-standing electromagnetic waves. These waves resonate within the space between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere, creating a symphony of energy that permeates our planet.

Decoding SR Graphs: A Comprehensive Guide

Reading Schumann Resonance Graphs

Delving into SR graphs offers a glimpse into the intricate dance of Earth's electromagnetic activity. Understanding these graphs involves recognizing the significance of various patterns and fluctuations, which provide insights into the dynamic interplay between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

Impact of SR on Human Well-being

Schumann Resonance and Human Health

Recent studies have hinted at potential connections between SR fluctuations and human health. Scientific investigations available on PubMed explore the correlation between SR and physiological rhythms, suggesting that our bodies may resonate with these frequencies. While these findings offer fascinating prospects, additional research is needed to comprehend the full scope of SR's influence on human well-being.

Unveiling Consciousness and Brain Wave Harmony

Relationship Between SR and Consciousness

Venturing into the realm of consciousness, researchers are exploring how SR fluctuations might affect human awareness. Preliminary studies indicate potential synchronization between brain waves and SR rhythms during specific periods. While these findings challenge conventional notions, they also emphasize the complexity of understanding consciousness and its interactions with external factors.

Electrosmog Pollution: Unseen Threat

Addressing Electrosmog Pollution

In the era of modern technology, the hidden danger of electrosmog pollution looms. Electrosmog, resulting from electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices, raises concerns about its interaction with the Earth's resonant frequencies. The exploration of this interaction underscores the importance of responsible technology usage and its potential impact on our well-being.

Harnessing Enhanced SR Days for Empaths

Earth's Harmonious Pulse: The Schumann Resonances Explored

In the symphony of the cosmos, the Earth's atmosphere reverberates with the hidden rhythms of the Schumann resonances. These subtle vibrations, believed by some to hold the key to enhancing our well-being through music, have sparked both fascination and controversy. Let us embark on a journey into the physics behind this phenomenon, rearranging and expanding the threads of knowledge to reveal a new tapestry of understanding.

Embracing Resonance: When Waves Converge

The concept of resonance involves the reinforcement or prolonging of a sound, as vibrations synchronize with nearby objects or reflect upon surfaces. Waves, those intangible disturbances that traverse space, become our companions in this exploration. Among them, two categories stand out: mechanical waves, exemplified by sound, and electromagnetic waves, epitomized by light.

Whispers of Mechanical Waves

Picture sound waves, akin to ripples on a pond, carried forward by a medium such as air or water molecules. These vibrations cascade like a domino effect, transferring energy from one molecule to its neighboring counterpart. Imagine the amplitude of a wave, symbolizing the height of crests and depth of troughs, dictating the strength and loudness of its voice. Meanwhile, the wavelength marks the span between crest and crest, affecting the frequencies embedded within. Shorter wavelengths translate to higher frequencies.

Unveiling Electromagnetic Elegance

Let's divert our gaze to the realm of light waves, captivating examples of electromagnetic waves. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, they dance without a medium, seamlessly maneuvering through the vacuum of space. Their journey ensues through the interplay of electric and magnetic disturbances within electron vibrations, a ballet shared among nearby atoms.

Unraveling the Enigma: The Schumann Resonance

The grandeur of Earth's atmospheric theater takes center stage as a resonance chamber nestled between its surface and the ionosphere. An enigmatic energy pulses through this space, born of lightning strikes that punctuate the planet around 44 times per second. The culmination of these vibrant surges gives rise to a frequency known as the Schumann resonance, a resounding 7.83 Hz cadence uncovered by the discerning mind of Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952.

Yet, this symphony is not bound by constants; its tune dances between 7 Hz and 8 Hz, waltzing with cosmic and environmental forces that shape its crescendos and decrescendos, even with the passage of the sun.

The 432 Hz Serenade: A Musical Connection

Enter the conversation about our tuning standards, where a harmonious proposal emerges. The frequency of 432 Hz intertwines with the Schumann resonance, echoing the planet's pulse. A challenge rises against the prevailing global standard of 440 Hz, beckoning us to shift our "concert A" anchor to the 432 Hz frequency, potentially opening doors to melodies more aligned with the Earth's natural rhythms.

A Medley of Curiosity

As we contemplate these resonant revelations, it's essential to deepen our understanding. Delve into the intricacies through insightful discussions like Brian Dunning's exploration of the Schumann resonance on, inviting us to traverse the fine line between fact and fiction. For a visually captivating experience, journey with Nigel Stanford's mesmerizing video "CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music," where the visual and auditory realms converge in harmony.

Harmonizing the Discourse

In the symphony of ideas, the Schumann resonances beckon us to explore their depths. The intertwined dance of mechanical and electromagnetic waves, the pulsating symphony of Earth's resonance, and the melodic proposition of 432 Hz tuning standards create a multifaceted narrative that resonates with curiosity and invites us to harmonize our understanding.

Discover the Healing Power of Schumann Resonance for Your Well-being

In the bustling rhythm of modern life, our connection with the Earth's natural frequency, known as the "Schumann Resonance," has been disrupted by the constant presence of technology. Let's delve into the significance of this resonance and how it affects our health and balance.

Picture this: Mother Earth pulses with a steady heartbeat rhythm at a frequency of 7.83 Hz – the Schumann Resonance. This frequency aligns with alpha/theta brainwave activity in humans, inducing a relaxed, dreamy state. It's during these states that our bodies engage in cell regeneration and healing. However, the overwhelming presence of technology and its associated electromagnetic frequencies have thrown us off balance.

The prevalence of Wi-Fi, cell phones, and electronics in our daily lives has led to an overexposure to unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths. The frequencies emitted by radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, which powers our gadgets, can range from 30,000 Hz to a staggering 300 billion Hz. Compare this to the Earth's natural 7.83 Hz frequency, and it's evident why many of us feel unbalanced and seek healing.

Research from the HearthMath Institute underscores the potential harm caused by powerful electromagnetic fields generated by technology. These fields have been linked to increased rates of cancer, heart disease, depression, and other illnesses. Vulnerable groups like the elderly, children, pregnant women, and the weak are more susceptible to these effects.

Scientific experiments have showcased the benefits of attuning to the Earth's 7.83 Hz frequency. Exposure to this magnetic frequency leads to enhanced learning, memory, and stress tolerance, along with anti-jetlag and anti-mind control effects. Conversely, experiments removing this frequency from individuals' environments resulted in migraine headaches, emotional distress, and health issues.

The key to restoring balance to our bio-electromagnetic field and reconnecting with the Earth's frequencies lies in Brainwave Entrainment. Utilizing tools like the Enkidu Meditation machine can swiftly align us with the natural rhythm. With a single session, lying back, relaxing, and surrendering, individuals can experience immediate positive changes. The outcomes have been profound and numerous, prompting many clients to explore the Unlimited Monthly membership option.

Embrace the healing power of the Earth's resonance and rekindle your connection with nature. Tune into 7.83 Hz and experience the rejuvenation, grounding, and harmony that have been our birthright all along.

We invite you to join us in this journey of rediscovery, where technology and nature coexist in harmony. For further inquiries or to schedule your session, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Sending you abundant love and positivity on this path of healing.

Navigating Enhanced SR Days for Empaths

Individuals who identify as empaths or sensitive individuals may find enhanced SR periods particularly noteworthy. These moments offer opportunities for self-care, mindfulness, and personal transformation. During such phases, engaging in practices like meditation, grounding exercises, and artistic expression can help channel the heightened energy for positive growth.

Synthesis and Conclusion

Reconnecting with Earth's Resonance

Recognizing our intrinsic connection with cosmic forces and the Earth's vibrational rhythm underscores the importance of further research. As humanity delves deeper into understanding the impact of SR on consciousness and well-being, we acknowledge our role as stewards of both scientific exploration and the natural world.

References and In-Depth Exploration

Citing Relevant Research

Engage with scientifically grounded studies from PubMed that delve into the intricate interplay between 7.83Hz PEMF or TCMS and our physiological processes. These references offer readers direct access to the research that forms the foundation of our understanding of Earth's resonant frequencies.

Unveiling the Mystery of Schumann Resonance and 7.83Hz Oscillators

Exploring the Influence of Schumann Resonance on Human Health

Have you ever pondered the intricate relationship between Schumann resonance and its impact on the well-being of humans? Delving into the profound effects of Earth's magnetic field on our bodies and minds opens up a realm of captivating discoveries.

For decades, scientists have been captivated by the Earth's innate frequency, recognizing its potential to bestow numerous advantages upon humanity. The enigmatic nature of this frequency, enveloping us in its subtle yet potent embrace every day, has fueled scientific intrigue.

Venture with us into the realm of Schumann's resonance and uncover the myriad potential advantages it holds for our health and vitality.

Deciphering the Essence of Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance unfurls as a natural electromagnetic frequency that springs forth from the Earth's magnetic field. Emerging from the visionary work of German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, these resonances were first prophesied to exist within Earth's atmospheric tapestry.

This ethereal signal, Schumann resonance, materializes as a delicate electromagnetic whisper, measuring a mere handful of microvolts per meter. A mesmerizing dance unfolds as electromagnetic waves rebound between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere, culminating in the creation of a spherical waveguide.

The vibrancy of this resonance experiences further augmentation through lightning strikes and solar flares, setting the stage for a mesmerizing standing wave pattern to unfurl across the Earth's skies. These frequencies, ever in flux, synchronize to the cadence of geographical diversity, atmospheric ionization, solar flares, and the ebb and flow of daily cycles.

Unraveling the Spectrum of Schumann

Schumann resonance doesn't adhere to a singular, immutable frequency; instead, it unveils itself as an amalgamation of global readings. Calculated from the spatial expanse between Earth's surface and the ionosphere, Schumann resonance's core frequency is a harmonious 7.83 Hz, accompanied by an ensemble of harmonic companions such as 14.07 Hz, 20.25 Hz, 26.41 Hz, and 32.45 Hz.

The heartbeat of Mother Earth resonates with the 7.83 Hz frequency, a primary broadcasting medium for the essence of our bodies, minds, and cells. A frequency harmoniously tuned into by every living entity on Earth, it emerges as the linchpin of Earth's Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs), upholding the very tapestry of life itself.

The Sway of Schumann Resonance on Humanity

Beyond its role in stabilizing Earth's electromagnetic equilibrium, Schumann resonance weaves a vital connection with the rhythmic symphony of the human brain and body. While ongoing research unfurls the canvas of Schumann's benefits, a chorus of studies resound, extolling the virtues of the 7.83 Hz frequency on human health and holistic well-being.

A panorama of cognitive enhancement, stress alleviation, boosted immune fortitude, and improved sleep quality has emerged from these studies. Unraveling the tendrils of this connection, investigations have unveiled that a deficiency in exposure to Earth's magnetic embrace, Schumann resonance, contributed significantly to maladies like fatigue, depression, bone frailty, and the enigmatic weightlessness experienced by returning astronauts.

Unlocking the Secrets of Schumann Resonance's Blessings

Scientific exploration has crystallized into a wealth of evidence, underscoring the blessings bestowed by Schumann resonance. It unfurls its mantle of potential through a tapestry of domains:

Schumann resonance intertwines with the body's intrinsic healing mechanisms, orchestrating the dance of recuperation while taming stress and inflammation. Notably, the realm of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) blooms with promise for wound healing, orchestrating a symphony of modulation across various phases. Factors of waveform, frequency, amplitude, and exposure duration interplay to craft a restorative crescendo.

Schumann resonance unfurls as a guardian of cognitive prowess, anchoring cognitive faculties in harmonious synchrony. Research hints at a resonant electromagnetic bridge, empowering the brain with a frequency range conducive to swift cognition and deft responses. This symphonic resonance enhances the swift exchange of neural messages, catalyzing an elevation in overall intelligence.

Strands of connection bind Earth's magnetic frequencies to the neural ballet within our brains. Evident echoes reverberate between the electromagnetic tapestries birthed by the human brain and Earth's ionospheric cavity. Within the 0-30 Hz spectrum, our brain navigates four states of consciousness, with the 8-12 Hz alpha state harmonizing closely with Schumann's foundational frequency. This resonance weaves threads of relaxation, focus, healing, and peaceful slumber into the fabric of our well-being.

Immersing in Schumann Resonance's Embrace with Recovery System Biomats

For those yearning to bask in the luminous embrace of Schumann resonance's curative might, the Recovery System Biomats emerge as the gateway. Unveiling five potent modalities encompassing PEMF, far infrared, negative ion therapy, heat, and red-light therapy, these mats enfold the essence of Schumann's resonance. A harmonious symphony of these elements ushers in rejuvenation, both physical and mental, infusing each facet of existence with a deep-seated sense of well-being.

The Essence of Schumann Resonance: A Harmonic Balance

Schumann resonance unfurls as Earth's melodic electromagnetic frequency, an essential architect of equilibrium within our atmosphere and the vitality coursing through all life forms. The heartbeat resonating at 7.83 Hz is a cornerstone of human neurological and physiological harmony, while the absence of its embrace can unfurl a tapestry of challenges.

Embedded within its frequencies lie the kernels of untapped potential—a natural, non-invasive path toward elevated physical and mental well-being, an antidote to stress, an oasis of relaxation, and a wellspring of restoration.

Addressing the Inquiries: Frequently Asked Questions

How Potent Is Schumann Resonance?

Schumann resonance emerges as a faint electromagnetic whisper, its amplitude measured at a mere 10-100 microvolts per meter. Despite its delicate nature, it wields a profound influence on human health and behavior, substantiated by scientific exploration.

Unveiling the Applications of Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance unveils itself as a celestial dance within Earth's atmosphere, intertwining its essence with human health, cognitive function, and consciousness. A symphony of studies suggests that it orchestrates a tapestry of influence within these domains.

Unveiling the Natural Symphony: Schumann Resonance Explained

The journey into Earth's electromagnetic spectrum leads to the captivating world of Schumann resonances. Analogous to resonant frequencies in waveguides, Schumann resonances exhibit their unique dance from megahertz in microwave waveguides to hertz in atmospheric waveguides. The primary frequency of 7.8 Hz, accompanied by harmonics, orchestrates this celestial melody.

Origins and Discovery of Schumann Resonances

Delving into the history of Schumann resonances reveals physicist Winfried Otto Schumann's calculated prophecy in 1952. A decade later, their existence was affirmed through the embrace of lightning strikes. These resonances, with their frequency range shaped by Earth's rotation and solar illumination, offer a tangible connection between Earth and the cosmos.

The Connection Unveiled: From Planetary Resonance to Oscillators

The intrigue surrounding Schumann resonances extends to their manifestation in personal oscillators. While not a groundbreaking scientific revelation, the application of planetary-scale resonances to consumer gadgets offers a fresh perspective on their utility.

Questioning 7.83Hz Oscillators: Facts vs. Misconceptions

Scrutinizing the purpose of 7.83Hz oscillators uncovers their intended role in stimulating brain waves and enhancing sensory experiences. Amid these claims, caution is essential, as unfounded beliefs and pseudoscientific notions tend to surface. While they may not directly harness Earth's ionospheric embrace, oscillators hold potential in areas that demand exploration.

Untangling the Possibilities: Beyond Pseudoscience

As we seek genuine applications for ELF oscillators and planar coils, it's crucial to depart from speculative beliefs. In a landscape ripe with possibilities, identifying practical applications grounded in scientific principles becomes paramount.

Unlocking the Essence: Understanding Schumann Resonance

Delve into the core of Schumann resonances, an electromagnetic symphony woven into Earth's fabric. Journey from theoretical inception to actual phenomenon, ignited by the spark of lightning. The dynamic frequency range, a testament to Earth's perpetual rotation and solar interactions, holds the essence of this celestial harmony.

Decoding the Connection: Resonances and Oscillators

Traverse the bridge connecting planetary-scale electromagnetic resonances to the realm of personal oscillators. As understanding deepens, the connection between Earth's grand resonance and the consumer gadgetry of oscillators becomes clearer.

Interrogating 7.83Hz Oscillators: Myths and Reality

Navigate the intricate landscape of 7.83Hz oscillators, unraveling their claims of restoring brain waves and enhancing sensory experiences. Amid these claims, separating pseudoscientific notions from reality is paramount, especially when delving into the context of Earth's ionosphere.

Exploring Opportunities: Beyond Pseudoscience

In the quest for authentic applications, the exploration of ELF oscillators and planar coils necessitates shedding pseudoscientific beliefs. This journey opens doors to innovative prospects, grounded in scientific principles and devoid of unfounded ideologies.

Embrace the Schumann Resonance's beauty, revealing the profound link between our consciousness and Earth's pulse. This hidden conductor orchestrates our collective experiences, inviting us to awaken to unity, heightened awareness, and harmonious coexistence.

Schumann Resonances: Earth's Sublime Symphony and Scientific Misconceptions

Introduction: The Schumann resonances, an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, illuminate Earth's connection to electromagnetic vibrations. Nestled between the ionosphere and Earth's surface, this captivating interplay of resonant electromagnetic waves, generated primarily by lightning strikes, forms the Schumann resonances. While these resonances provide a profound insight into Earth's electromagnetic resonance, they have also sparked a surge of misinformation and pseudo-scientific claims. To truly appreciate the essence of Schumann resonances, it is crucial to distinguish between their genuine scientific significance and unfounded conjectures.

Earth's Multilayered Composition: Earth's layered structure resembles a majestic layer cake, with diverse regions spanning from the core to the atmosphere. The innermost core, a solid ball of metal, is enveloped by the inner core and liquid outer core. Beyond lies the Earth's mantle, segmented into various zones. The oceans and atmosphere follow, housing distinct layers such as the troposphere and stratosphere.

Schumann Resonances: Origin and Essence: The Schumann resonances originate from the intriguing interplay between Earth's ionosphere and surface. These regions, conductive by nature, enable the flow of electrons and reflect electromagnetic waves. The journey of understanding Schumann resonances dates back to the late 19th century, when physicist George Francis FitzGerald proposed the concept of electromagnetic resonance within Earth's atmosphere. The subsequent years witnessed the unraveling of this phenomenon, culminating in physicist Winfried Schumann's groundbreaking revelation in 1952. Schumann recognized that Earth's conductive layers, separated by a non-conductive medium, created a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves, resulting in the resonances that bear his name.

Resonant Frequencies and Implications: Schumann's pioneering work led to the formulation of a fundamental formula for predicting the resonant frequencies of Earth's ionosphere. The primary Schumann resonance occurs at approximately 7.83 Hz, and subsequent overtones emerge at higher frequencies. Although lightning strikes occur intermittently, the collective impact of Earth's numerous thunderstorms ensures the continuous excitation of these resonances. Notably, Schumann resonances are employed as tools for studying global lightning activity, monitoring ionospheric disturbances, and even offering insights into climate change trends.

Exploring the Influence of Schumann Resonance on Insomnia Symptoms: A Comprehensive Investigation

Introduction: Insomnia, a pervasive sleep disorder, impacts about 10% of the global population and 15% of adults. It encompasses sleep disturbances and subsequent daytime impairments, often resulting in cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges. Additionally, links have been established between insomnia and various health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders, highlighting its significance. While cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi) has emerged as a viable treatment, there's a need to explore alternative non-pharmaceutical interventions due to various challenges associated with CBTi.

Interplay Between Geomagnetic Activity and Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms


In the realm of biological systems, the interconnectedness of life with unseen magnetic fields, which exhibit a diverse range of frequencies, is a fundamental reality [1]. These magnetic fields are hardly benign, affecting nearly every facet of living organisms, orchestrating numerous physiological rhythms that become entrained with both solar and geomagnetic activity [2,3,4,5,6].

The human body's regulatory mechanisms are designed to harmonize with daily and seasonal fluctuations in Earth's climatic and geomagnetic conditions. Yet, when abrupt changes occur in solar and geomagnetic dynamics, these intricate systems can come under stress, leading to imbalances in key processes such as melatonin/serotonin levels [7,8,9], blood pressure, immune responses, reproductive functions, and neurological activities [10,11,12,13]. It is evident that tumultuous geomagnetic conditions exacerbate existing health conditions, contributing to spikes in myocardial infarction rates, cardiac arrhythmias, blood pressure anomalies, and even epileptic seizures [2,3,11,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22].

Notably, periods of elevated solar activity, marked by 10.5 to 11-year cycles, bring heightened ultraviolet (UV) energy and solar radio flux, quantified as the 2.8 GHz signal (F10.7) [23,24]. Although the exact physiological mechanisms remain enigmatic, the indisputable influence of solar and magnetic forces on human health is particularly pronounced in the cardiovascular and nervous systems [4,25].

Unlocking the Secrets of Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The surge of interest in utilizing heart rate variability (HRV) as an indicator of autonomic nervous system (ANS) function and behavior has surged in clinical and research arenas [26,27,28,29]. HRV, reflecting the natural fluctuations between successive heartbeats, unveils the functional status of interwoven regulatory systems that adapt to environmental and psychological challenges [30]. Diminished age-adjusted HRV levels are indicative of chronic stress, underlying pathologies, or impaired regulatory control systems, prognostic of overall mortality risk [29,31,32]. In contrast, robust HRV signals psychological resilience, adaptive flexibility, self-regulation capabilities, and cognitive prowess [26,33,34].

A slew of studies has illuminated the connection between magnetic storms and diminished HRV, signaling that geomagnetic disruptions reverberate through the cardiovascular system [13,14,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44]. Substantial decreases in very low-frequency (VLF) rhythms, closely linked to health risks, were noted, with the low-frequency (LF) rhythms also displaying reductions, while high-frequency (HF) rhythms remained unaffected. Intriguingly, "anticipatory reactions" in physiological measures preceding magnetic storms have been observed, encompassing heart rate, HRV, blood pressure, skin conductance, and physiological complaints [6,38,47,48,49,50,51,52]. This phenomena was initially glimpsed by Chizhevsky in the 1920s, preceding the discovery of high-frequency emissions such as X-rays and solar radio flux. He attributed this phenomenon to an unknown solar radiation, a hypothesis that gains relevance with our current understanding.

Delving into Ultra Low-Frequency Waves and Synchronization

The remarkable discovery emerged as the slow wave synchronization of group-averaged HRV data over a 31-day period was unearthed. This pattern, with an average period of 67 hours, materialized during the initial half of the study. These oscillations seemingly signaled an alignment of participants dispersed in separate locations with external environmental cues operating at a similar frequency.

To scrutinize the plausibility of external environmental cues influencing HRV measures, the 11-day period with this rhythmic motif was isolated. Striking correlations were observed between Schumann resonance power and various HRV measures. Particularly robust correlations emerged with total power and VLF, pointing towards a resonance between these slow wave signals and environmental frequencies.


This groundbreaking study is distinguished by its continuous HRV monitoring over a month among individuals in their natural routines. Serendipitously, dynamic solar, cosmic ray, and magnetic changes occurred, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the ANS's response to these variances.

Evidently, the findings propose that the daily activity of the autonomic nervous system not only reacts to shifts in solar and geomagnetic activity but also harmonizes with the fluctuating magnetic fields linked to geomagnetic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances. The central actors influencing these resonances and Earth's magnetic field are the sun and its solar wind [72,75].

In terms of HRV correlations, inverse relationships between interbeat intervals (IBIs) and heart rate (HR) emerged, where longer IBIs signaled slower HR and vice versa. These markers elucidated shifts in the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. Notably, the solar radio flux (F10.7) and cosmic rays demonstrated a positive correlation with most HRV variables. Additionally, solar radio flux heightened parasympathetic activity, denoted by the decreased LF/HF ratio, further emphasizing the intricate dance between environmental cues and physiological responses.


This study bridges the gap between solar and geomagnetic dynamics and human nervous system activity. In essence, it underscores that daily ANS activity is not solely reactive to these environmental shifts but also entrains with the evolving magnetic fields interlinked with geomagnetic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances. This resonance may unfold through a harmonious interplay between human nervous system rhythms and geomagnetic frequencies, bringing to light the profound connectedness between Earth's magnetic realm and our physiological well-being.

Innovative Approaches in Treating Insomnia: Recent years have seen the emergence of diverse non-invasive treatments for insomnia. These include mindfulness therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, and even cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). Intriguingly, research also points towards the potential impact of ambient electromagnetic fluctuations, including geomagnetic activity, on human physiology and behavior. Such correlations between geomagnetic activity and cerebral activity suggest an untapped avenue for addressing insomnia.

The Role of Schumann Resonance: The Schumann resonance (SR), a naturally occurring extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field at around 7.83 Hz, has garnered attention due to its potential influence on human health. This resonance, named after Winfried Otto Schumann who discovered it in 1954, presents an opportunity to explore the interaction between the Earth's electromagnetic field and human biology. Studies have indicated a relationship between SR frequencies and human brain activity, highlighting its possible role in modulating sleep.

Objective of the Study: The purpose of this study was to delve into the potential of Schumann resonance as a non-invasive treatment for insomnia. Specifically, the study aimed to investigate how patients with insomnia respond to a Schumann resonance-based sleep device and assess its effectiveness using both subjective and objective sleep measurements.

Methodology: A comprehensive double-blinded and randomized study design was adopted. A diverse group of 40 participants, predominantly female, with an average age of 50±13.38 years and an average insomnia history of 9.68±8.86 years, were recruited. These participants were divided into two groups – the SR-sleep-device group and the placebo-device group – and were followed up for a period of four weeks.

To evaluate the treatment's efficacy, various measures were employed. Polysomnography (PSG) was used to objectively assess sleep, while sleep diaries, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Inventory (PSQI), Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), and visual analogy of sleep satisfaction were used for subjective evaluations. Additionally, the 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) was utilized to assess the participants' quality of life.

Results and Conclusion: The study's findings revealed promising outcomes. In the SR-sleep-device group, both objective sleep measurements (sleep-onset-latency, SOL, and total-sleep-time, TST) and subjective sleep assessments (SOL, TST, sleep-efficiency, sleep-quality, daytime-sleepiness, and sleep-satisfaction) exhibited significant improvement after using the SR-sleep-device. In contrast, the placebo-device group only showed subjective sleep improvements in PSQI and sleep-satisfaction.

This study presents compelling evidence that the SR-sleep-device holds potential in alleviating insomnia symptoms through both objective and subjective evaluations. Furthermore, the study underscores the need for future investigations to delve deeper into the underlying mechanisms of Schumann resonance and its potential health effects. Additionally, longer-term studies could provide more comprehensive insights into the treatment's effectiveness and possible side effects.

Keywords: insomnia, Schumann resonance, non-invasive treatment, polysomnography, sleep assessment

Beyond Earth: Extraterrestrial Resonances: The resonance concept extends beyond Earth's boundaries, raising intriguing possibilities for other celestial bodies. Planets with conductive layers, ionospheres, and electrical discharges could exhibit Schumann resonances. Candidates include Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Saturn's moon Titan. While speculation exists regarding the existence of these resonances on other planets, concrete evidence remains a challenge.

The Hazy Realm of Pseudoscience: Amid the authentic scientific inquiries surrounding Schumann resonances, a shadowy realm of pseudoscience has emerged. Claims of using Schumann resonances for biophysical treatments, geological surveys, and other unproven applications lack empirical support. The absence of known mechanisms for the interaction of low-frequency electromagnetic waves with biological systems underscores the speculative nature of these claims.

Conclusion: Schumann resonances are the symphonic echoes of Earth's electromagnetic heartbeat, bridging the gap between its conductive layers. Grounded in scientific understanding and supported by decades of research, these resonances serve as a testament to Earth's interconnectedness with the cosmos. Yet, they have also become entangled in unfounded assertions. By discerning between authentic science and pseudoscience, we can fully appreciate the remarkable phenomenon of Schumann resonances and their contribution to our understanding of the natural world.

the Schumann Resonance: Earth's Subtle Symphony

Amplifying Insights Through 7.83Hz PEMF and TCMS Medical Studies

Understanding Schumann Resonances: Earth's Electromagnetic Symphony

Unveiling the Essence of Schumann Resonances: Earth's Electromagnetic Symphony


Discover the captivating realm of Schumann resonances, captivating electromagnetic spectrum peaks within Earth's atmosphere.

The Origin and Essence

The Dance of Waves

Schumann Resonances' Utility

Unveiling Earth's Secrets

Renewed Interest and Beyond

A Glimpse into History

Understanding the Basics

Measurements and Insights

Diurnal Variations: Earth's Symphony

Deciphering the "Chimney" Ranking

Influence of Ionospheric Asymmetry

Solving the "Inverse Problem"

Transient Luminous Events and Climate

Schumann Resonances Beyond Earth

Journeying Through the Cosmos

Unlocking Cardioprotection: Harnessing Weak Magnetic Fields in the Schumann Resonance Realm

G. Elhalel, C. Price, D. Fixler & A. Shainberg

Published in Scientific Reports, Volume 9, Article number: 1645 (2019)


In the vast symphony of Earth's natural electromagnetic resonances known as the Schumann Resonances (ScR), a harmony of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) pulses emerges from the interactions between global lightning discharges and the Earth-ionosphere cavity. This ancient electromagnetic phenomenon, tracing back to the Earth's primordial atmosphere and ionosphere, has been an omnipresent influence throughout evolutionary history. Our study seeks to illuminate the impact of exceedingly subtle magnetic fields within the ScR's primary mode frequency spectrum on the behavior of rat cardiac cell cultures. Through meticulous exploration, we unveil that the application of 7.8 Hz, 90 nT magnetic fields initiates a gradual decline in the amplitude of spontaneous calcium transients, dwindling to 28% of the initial intensity after 40 minutes of magnetic field exposure. This intriguing effect parallels a corresponding decrease in the rise time of calcium transients. Furthermore, prolonged exposure exceeding 30 minutes leads to a cessation of mechanical spontaneous contractions, aligning with a ~60% reduction in calcium transient amplitude. Notably, the reversible nature of the Schumann Resonance field's influence persists across a range of field magnitudes (20 pT-100 nT) and is unswayed by external DC magnetic fields. Intriguingly, this effect is exclusively manifested within the 7.6–8 Hz frequency band. Additionally, when subjected to a 1.5-hour application of 7.8 Hz, 90 nT magnetic fields, the release of Creatine Kinase (CK) is markedly diminished under normal, hypoxic, and oxidative stress conditions, elucidating the protective facet of the Schumann Resonance field's influence.


Amidst the intricate tapestry of our daily existence, we find ourselves enveloped by a dynamic interplay of natural and man-made electromagnetic disturbances, spanning an array of frequencies and amplitudes. The realm of man-made electromagnetic perturbations is a relatively recent addition to this cacophony, eliciting substantial endeavors to decipher its interplay with living organisms. Yet, a contrasting narrative emerges with the realm of natural electromagnetic influences—a narrative that has reverberated through Earth's history since its inception, largely overlooked due to the diminutive magnitudes that define its presence. Within this context, the Schumann Resonances—generated by lightning discharges—take center stage as a paradigm of the Earth's native ELF signals. Exhibiting distinct frequency peaks—f1 = 7.8 Hz, f2 = 13.9 Hz, f3 = 20 Hz—defined by Earth's circumference, this magnetic phenomenon resonates at mere picoTesla intensities. Intriguingly, our own bodies contribute to this electromagnetic opera, producing weak ELF fields through the activity of excitable cells. A prime example is the 1–10 Hz rhythm of rat cardiomyocytes, enveloped in a magnetic field magnitude of approximately 50 pT. Our voyage of exploration aims to fathom the intricate interplay between this ancient symphony, embodied by the Schumann Resonances, and the rhythmic dance of rat cardiomyocyte cultures.

The orchestra of cardiac function is a symphony reliant on numerous biological harmonies. The pivotal nexus between mechanical contractions and cardiac action potentials finds expression in calcium ion transients, orchestrating the initiation of contractions. The surge of calcium ions during the action potential's phase 2, arising from both influx and release from the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum, elevates cytoplasmic calcium levels, engendering the mechanical cascade. In this milieu, we delve into the Schumann Resonance magnetic field's interaction with both spontaneous contractions and the triggering calcium transients, unfurling a foundational thread for deeper scrutiny. Moreover, the chasm between protective and detrimental consequences beckons us to unravel the Schumann Resonance field's impact on Creatine Kinase (CK) release in scenarios spanning normalcy, hypoxia, and oxidative stress. We embark on an odyssey through the tapestry of magnetic field characteristics—magnitude, frequency, and additional DC fields—to decode the enigmatic underpinnings of these phenomena.


Ensuing ethical protocols, our journey commences within the realm of 3- to 7-day-old cardiomyocyte cultures cultivated at 37 °C. With meticulous attention to detail, we nurture the cell cultures, guided by the ethical compass of Bar Ilan University. The hearts of Sprague-Dawley rats, aged 1 to 2 days, furnish the foundation for our culture. From meticulous washing to delicate suspension, the saga unfolds as we forge a confluent monolayer, pulsating with synchronized spontaneous contractions.

The magnetic field, a central protagonist in our narrative, emerges through the embrace of a copper coil loop, ensnaring the culture dish. Sinuous rhythms of 7.8 Hz, 2.5 mA currents impart a magnetic tapestry within the culture arena. The quest for subtlety unveils through the articulation of lower magnetic field intensities—180 pT and 18 pT—orchestrated by judicious voltage modulation. Sinuous waveforms, harmonizing within the 7–8.6 Hz frequency realm, play a supplementary role in our tale. An elegant symphony also emerges through the interplay of an 80 mm diameter copper coil with a DC power supply, heralding the birth of a DC magnetic field of ±10 µT. Our storyline flourishes, bearing witness to the mechanical contractions and calcium transients' rhythm, and culminating in the unveiling of protective or pernicious consequences within diverse scenarios, ranging from hypoxia to oxidative stress.


A mesmerizing tableau emerges as we cast our gaze upon the interaction between the Schumann Resonance magnetic field and the spontaneous calcium transients of cardiomyocytes. Each vignette captures a fleeting moment in time, rendered upon the canvas of Fig. 1. Within this vivid tapestry, the crescendo of spontaneous calcium transients succumbs to a gradual diminuendo under the aegis of 7.8 Hz, 90 nT magnetic fields. A mesmerizing ebb and flow of influence, manifesting over time spans, ushers in a diminishment to a mere whisper of its former intensity. As the minutes waltz forward, mechanical contractions, too, recede into silence after 25 minutes of magnetic field engagement, accompanied by the lingering echo of feeble calcium transients. A delicate balance prevails, for the curtain is drawn after 50 minutes of magnetic intervention, relinquishing the amplitude of calcium transients to a resurgence of ~50% and ushering the revival of contractions.

In the realm of natural wonders, the Schumann Resonance stands as a captivating phenomenon, its discovery tracing back to the brilliance of German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. However, allow me to untangle the threads of history from fantasy – while the tale of Schumann immersing himself in the strains of "Däs Resonance" and clashing with paternal authority might be a product of imaginative fusions, the authentic narrative heralds Schumann's forecast in 1952 through an intricate mathematical equation.

The Schumann Resonance materializes as an intricate network of electromagnetic frequencies traversing the intimate space nestled between Earth's terrain and the expansive ionosphere. Picture a symphony of energies coursing through a private sanctuary. This symphony, orchestrated by the electric fervor of lightning strikes that punctuate our globe's expanse, echoes across time and geography. As you read this, the dance of electromagnetic waves persists, a living testament to nature's ceaseless rhythm.

With frequencies oscillating between 7.83 Hz and 33 Hz, the Schumann Resonance embraces a foundational pulse at 7.83 Hz. Yet, harmonious resonances ripple at approximately 14 Hz and 20 Hz, weaving a melody that weaves itself into the fabric of existence. Often dubbed the "Earth's heartbeat," this resonance reverberates across scientific and metaphysical landscapes alike.

Scientific watchtowers encircle our planet, a vigilant network poised to catch the tremors of the Schumann Resonance. These observatories measure the pulse's electrical field intensity and magnetic field strength, culminating in a mosaic of data that paints a vivid spectrogram. This visual chronicle, a testament to the resonance's ebb and flow, is a testament to Earth's unceasing dialogue with the cosmos.

The ethereal dance of the Schumann Resonance extends its touch to humanity's shores, raising questions of its interaction with our very being. A musing worthy of contemplation! Research beckons that this resonance engenders multifaceted effects upon the human form, a tapestry of influence unveiled in a triad of insights:

The narrative unfurls as such research unearths an enchanting revelation – the Schumann Resonance cultivates a blooming sense of well-being among those who willingly succumb to its sway. Whispers of spiritual awakenings have fluttered on this resonant zephyr, unfurling petals of consciousness that reach for elevated awareness and metaphysical ascension.

Intriguingly, the Schumann Resonance itself remains a subject of evolution. Enigmatic whispers reverberate that external influences, born from our technological strides, may sway its frequency and intensity. Humanity's imprint tinges this natural melody, introducing the question of balance.

Amid this symphony of existence, why not enrich one's own journey with the Schumann Resonance's embrace? As sound baths and meditative sojourns find their place in our lives, why not weave this spectral frequency into the tapestry of these practices? After all, evidence extends a hand, guiding us toward the holistic dimensions of resonance's therapeutic touch.

Acknowledgements unfurl, homage rendered to the wellsprings of knowledge preceding our own. For those eager to deepen their understanding, consider the following volumes of wisdom:

So there you stand, at the crossroads of cosmic cadence and human curiosity, poised to embrace the Schumann Resonance's whispered secrets and harmonious embrace.